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Wine is Good for the Health of Most People Unless You are Allergic

21 Oct

Have you ever had a glass of wine only to get a headache or stuffy head afterwards? Drinking wine is not always barrels of fun!

The Reds Contain Less Sulfites

It’s typically the sulfites in wines that produce allergic reactions in people but red wines  tend to cause less problems than white wines.

Winemakers are Working on this Problem

Due to a recent discovery, scientists have found another culprit in wines besides sulfites that cause allergic reactions called glycoproteins.

If you suffer from allergic symptoms when you drink wine, you will be happy to know that there are wines out there that are less likely to cause allergic reactions.





Did you know that many foods also contain sulfites? Here is more information on wines without sulfites and a list of foods to avoid that contain sulfites.

Many foods on this list may surprise you!



What Information Would You Like to See on This Blog About Your Health?

1 Sep


Do you have a desire to learn about something regarding your good health but have been too busy to research it yourself? Now is your chance to let me do the research for you.

What topic(s) would you like me to cover on this blog?

So far, I had a suggestion to cover allergies and how it effects your health. Just about all of us suffer from them. That would be a good topic here.

Remember, this blog covers everything and anything about good health and how to attain it.

Brilliant Idea!!

You may leave me a comment with your suggestions and ideas. There is no charge – it’s free!

UPDATE: If you would like to comment anonymously, fill out the form in this post and I will respond to you privately. Sorry I didn’t figure out how to do this when I originally published this post. 



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