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NFL Sponsors Names, Addresses, and emails – Show Your Support

18 Sep

I wrote about the Ray Rice domestic abuse case in a previous post. Yet another player has been accused of domestic violence in the NFL. This is the worst scandal ever to hit the NFL. Readers, I am requesting that you show your support for the victims by writing to the sponsors asking them to withdraw their endorsements. Below is a sample letter that you may use all or part of.


I am very upset at the recent events of the NFL players. Unless you continue to put pressure on them and suspend or withdraw your sponsorship which would be much more to my liking, I will not be buying any more of your products. Withdrawing is the only way to prove that you mean business and you would set a great example to the other sponsors. Do the right thing. These players are no better than the men in other countries who throw acid on women or stone them to death. Will it take the death of a player’s wife or child before something is done? Hiring counselors isn’t enough and I wonder how the NFL will tie their hands. The NFL is too slow to react to these recent events which are appalling. Withdrawing your sponsorship won’t lose you customers, it will GAIN you customers.




The Sponsors


Anhauser Busch

1-800-DIAL BUD

One Busch Place St. Louis MO 63118




McDonald’s Corporation, 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523




900 Metro Center Boulevard, Foster City, California 94404




1 Campbell Pl, Camden, New Jersey 08103





P.O. Box 660634 Dallas TX 75266-0634



PO Box 33170

Detroit, MI 48232-5170



The Suspensions (You might want to send a thank you letter!)


The Radisson hotel chain suspended its sponsorship deal with the Vikings


Nike has suspended their endorsement deal with Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson.


One Bowerman Drive

Beaverton, OR 97005


My thank you letter to Nike


Thank you for having the good sense to pull your endorsement of Adrian Peterson. These abuse incidents are intolerable and I appreciate that you showed common decency through your actions.


Thank you again for supporting victims of domestic violence.


Pulled Promotions

P&G pulled a promotion stating: “Domestic violence is completely unacceptable and we have strongly urged the NFL to take swift and decisive action to address this issue. … Our decision to cancel this on field activity was related to this ongoing issue.”

Money earmarked to be donated to cancer charities as part of the campaign would still be contributed, but the entire campaign has been pulled.


In case you’re not up to speed on this issue:


Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals head-butted his wife breaking her nose when she refused sex and threw a shoe at their 17-month-old son


Brandon Marshall then of the Denver Broncos, abused a woman he dated and her father is now speaking out about it, criticizing Commission Goodell.


Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend after throwing her in the bathtub and also a sofa covered with guns.


Adrian Peterson of the Vikings beat his son with a switch and left bloody marks all over his body including his scrotum


Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice punched and knocked out his wife in the now infamous video at the Radisson Hotel


There are more, but who can keep up?




Teaching Kids to Like Vegetables

12 Jul


It does your heart good when your child wakes up in the morning wanting to eat Sugar Snap Peas for breakfast. It just makes all the work in the garden worthwhile, you know?

He wolfed down those sugar snaps. I didn’t think I would have any left over to serve with a meal!

Not that I’m complaining. He still loves vegetables to this day and in fact loves to cook Thai dishes. If you’ve got little ones at home, you don’t have to force them to eat vegetables. There is a much easier way. Read on….


Obstacles to Exercising

24 Jun

 What obstacle is preventing you from exercising? Is it your five kids? Do you live out in the sticks? Are you 95-years young? Is every minute of your 24-hour day filled? Sometimes we put obstacles in our path to good health. We can learn to remove those obstacles with a new perspective and embrace healthy these  solutions.



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