High on the Stress List: Divorce, Moving, Job Loss, and Death (of your Refrigerator).

22 Sep

Good health encompasses stress; some of it good, some of it not so good. You can lessen stressful situations with good planning. A little luck doesn’t hurt either. Exercise can help control stress in most situations, but maybe not this one!


Stress denial: On Tuesday, I noticed that the packaging of my store-bought pastry in my freezer seemed a bit soggy. I ignored it. While dozing off to sleep that night, I noticed my refrigerator often making a clicking sound. Uh-oh I thought, and fell asleep. On Wednesday morning I tried vacuuming the refrigerator coils since I neglected them for several months. No change in the clicking noise. I pulled the plug and then plugged the fridge back in one minute later. No change. I turned off the fridge and pulled the plug. No change. The refrigerator kept clicking. By Thursday morning, I realized that all my frozen food was defrosting in my freezer.


Full blown stress: I decided to buy several bags of ice to help save my food. I didn’t sleep well Wednesday night because I couldn’t make up my mind if I should buy a new refrigerator or call a repairman. The last time I called a repairman for a refrigerator I learned that he would charge $100 just to come out to look at it! I called the Whirlpool number to get a repairman for my Whirlpool. The gal I spoke with asked me how old my refrigerator was and I told her, eleven years. “Oh!” she said. “If it was me, I would buy a new one.” I asked her how long they usually lasted. She said between 10-13 years. I didn’t have time to do research online to find out if what she said was true and I didn’t have time to research refrigerators to see what would be the best deal for me unless I wanted to let all the food in my fridge go to waste while I did my research. So, I went to H.H. Gregg and asked the saleswoman if the sale coming up included the week before because they were advertising 30% off! Frankly, I didn’t understand her answer but I think I got a good deal anyway!


Stress ebbing away: I wasn’t charged a delivery fee or one to cart away my old fridge. I was able to open up an H.H. Gregg charge account for 5% off the cost. The best news was that they could deliver my new fridge the next day!


After I left H.H. Gregg’s, I went straight to Meijer to buy ice. One 7 lb package was $1.67. They also had 20 lb packages of ice but that would be too unwieldy. So I bought two of the 7 lb packages and put one in my freezer and one in the refrigerated section.


On Thursday evening, I got a call from H.H. Gregg’s telling me the refrigerator would be delivered between 3 – 6 pm on Friday and they would call me 40 minutes before arriving. That was perfect because I would use those 40 minutes to remove everything from the fridge.


I had my Rubbermaid container ready for the refrigerated food, and a clean, cardboard box which I lined with heavy plastic for my freezer food. In hindsight, I needed a bigger box. I also learned from this experience to not put foods in plastic bags. They become sloppy wet. All my cheeses which were wrapped in plastic wrap got wet. All my frozen vegetables and frozen cherries in their original plastic bags were soggy, defrosted and I didn’t feel safe using them. I had to throw them away since the bags were opened. Although I previously thought wrapping a rubber band around the plastic bags after I had opened and used them was fine, it was only good like that if your refrigerator doesn’t die! I will be on the lookout for tightly sealed plastic containers.


Stress comes in all shapes. If you handle it calmly, you can get through it easily enough. I won’t recommend exercising to get rid of refrigerator stress because just moving food from the refrigerator to other containers is a workout in itself! Not to mention that I had to wash the floor three times due to items dripping and the fact that a piece of thawed fish leaked all over everything due to a small hole in the plastic packaging. Hence, the need for plastic containers!


I am enjoying my new refrigerator, a Frigidaire, even though when it runs it sounds like a cross between the boiler room of the Andrea Doria and LaGuardia airport. I don’t care. Sometimes denial is a beautiful thing!





2 Responses to “High on the Stress List: Divorce, Moving, Job Loss, and Death (of your Refrigerator).”

  1. Sugarcrush September 23, 2014 at 11:25 am #

    I feel your pain, Marcella! My Whirlpool fridge finally went on me a couple months ago….well, the freezer part anyway, as water was pooling on the bottom of it, making a watery mess around the food. The problem was the icemaker and the water line. My saving grace was also having a 14.5 cubic foot upright freezer in the garage for bulk food storage in the winter, where I transfered the food from the fridge freezer until I could buy a new fridge. Soon I ordered a new plain-Jane Whirlpool fridge on sale from Lowe’s with none of the bells and whistles, no ice water dispenser or icemaker, and they gave me a delivery date. I used up the dairy items in the fridge before that date, and the rest of the items in the fridge could remain outside of it while Lowe’s was at my house doing their thing. The delivery went smoothly, and they carted away the old fridge for free. I also had the water line to the fridge permanently removed (let the next owners of this house reinstall one if they want it that badly), as I never used the water/ice features of the old fridge. I really like the new no-frills fridge…the fewer fancy features, the less that can go wrong with it.

    As for frozen cherries, I buy those also and the plastic bags they’re packaged in are flimsy and get cherry juice all over the freezer even when it’s working right, so I put the package of cherries inside a stronger ziploc bag. Or if you use only some at a time, portion the cherries out into stronger plastic or glass freezer containers with a lid.


    • Marcella Rousseau September 23, 2014 at 12:43 pm #

      I didn’t have the ice maker because, I agree with you, the more frills, the more can go wrong. I use some zip lock bags but now I still prefer tightly fitting plastic containers. (still haven’t gotten them yet. I do use some glass containers too. Heheh, yes, the cherries are messy even when the fridge is working correctly! But they’re SOOOO good! Frankly, I miss my old Whirlpool. I liked the layout better and it was quieter. It had more shelf options. Everything was higher whereas my new Frigidaire, everything is set lower. I’m tall so it means a lot of bending. It does store more so I can’t complain about that. For one person, I sure cram a lot into it! Thank you for your comment.


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