New Food Friday – Gnudi

16 Aug

In order to make this dish, you have to remove all your clothes. Just kidding! The dish being discussed today is called gnudi. They are a form of dumpling and it’s pronounced just like a sunbather who basks in the nude: a nudi! (Or a nudist?) I watched with interest as Martha Stewart made these on her cooking show. See here. She says they are a naked ravioli; a filling without the pasta casing. I am a big fan of ravioli but these were new to me and when I saw her boiling then basting them in browned butter with sage leaves, I knew I had to post them for a New Food Friday. Gnu Barbara Schneider

This is a Gnu ( Barbara Schneider)

First, go to your butcher shop and ask for a fillet of Gnu. Just kidding! There is no meat in this recipe!

Assemble your ingredients as it shows in the Martha Stewart video. I like to use paper plates when I want to roll foods in flour.

Knudi rolled in flour

Knudi rolled in flour

Using paper plates makes cleanup a breeze. I just throw the paper plate in the trash when I’m done.

I filled another paper plate with semolina flour and let the gnudi rest until I finished making all of them.

Knudi sitting on semolina

Knudi sitting on semolina

Then they went into the fridge for 1 hour.


I had some leftover crab meat so I included it in my recipe. In my second batch, I added some boiled russet potato.

These gnudi were fun to make and easy! Your children might like to get involved. Since these are boiled, it’s a lot like boiling pasta and it’s the closest I’ve ever come to making pasta.

Knudi ready to be boiled

Knudi ready to be boiled

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve never made pasta but I know one of these days I will because it’s on my mental to do list! Here are the sage leaves straight from my garden.

Sage drying on a paper towel

Sage drying on a paper towel

Here are the chiffonaded sage leaves in browned butter.

Browned butter with chiffonade sage

Browned butter with chiffonade sage

These were delicious! I will definitely be making them again. I hope you try them!

Knudi ready to be devoured!

Knudi ready to be devoured!




3 Responses to “New Food Friday – Gnudi”

  1. saminaiqbal27 August 24, 2013 at 3:29 am #

    These do look delicious and not so difficult to make. I will try them. I love the sweet smell of sage. Thanks for the great recipe.


    • Marcella Rousseau August 25, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

      If you make them, make sure you watch Martha Stewart’s Cooking School video. I show a link to it in my post. You may have to scroll underneath the first video and select from the drop down list of videos. It is under Lesson 22, dumplings. I tried it just now and I wasn’t able to connect to it, my Shockwave software crashed. I hope you have more luck than I did!

      Martha Stewart is an excellent teacher. I am so glad that they didn’t keep her locked up in jail for the crimes she was charged with. It would be a great loss for the public to lose such an entertaining, knowledgeable, and outstanding teacher. Her personality may turn off some, but her cooking and teaching skills are incomparable. She did a show on all types of beans that was aired here yesterday and it was just wonderful. I hope your gnudi turn out great!


      • saminaiqbal27 August 27, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

        Thank you so much for the additional help Marcella. I like Martha Stewart and her cooking skills which I agree are incomparable. I have yet to see her video which I will and will let you know how the recipe turned out to be. Thanks once again for the help. Take care and have a lovely week.


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