Winter Scenes Can Make You Relax

24 Dec

There is nothing more beautiful than snowy, winter scenes. Oh yes, the ice and slick streets can be treacherous when you have to drive on them, but let me take you instead on a relaxing tour of gorgeous scenes of snow and ice.  Winter Scene

All you have to do is scroll; driving is not necessary. Grab a sweater because the scenes may make you chilly.Winter Scene

It is cold enough and therefore safe to go ice skating,  Have you ever been ice skating outdoors?Snow on the Lake

The sun has warmed up this lake. Can you feel the winter sun’s warmth? There is something about snow scenes on a lake that is so peaceful.

At a time when the holidays bring stress to so many, it’s good to take time out and appreciate mother nature’s beauty.Winter Willow Trees

Click this photo  with the Weeping Willow trees to see all the birds on the lake. They liked the scenery so much that they forgot to fly south for the winter. Winter in Hamburg

Nighttime brings out a different feeling in winter scenes.

Winter NightThe snow has muffled all sounds except for our breathing. I can almost see my breath in the air! Can you smell the pine trees?

Hot DrinkWe have arrived at our destination. Time to warm up with a hot drink.

Fireplace & TreeAnd maybe a nap in front of the fireplace.

Stay safe and warm this holiday season.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!



3 Responses to “Winter Scenes Can Make You Relax”

  1. reocochran December 29, 2012 at 2:01 am #

    Beautiful, meaningful and the true embodiment of a holiday, too. The outdoor scenes leading to a warm, cozy and attractive house were superb. Happy holidays and the best in the new year to you! Thanks for the gift of the photos!


    • Marcella Rousseau December 30, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

      Thank you! and thank you! Happy holidays to you too. Be careful if you’re driving anywhere. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I hope that made you relax for a bit. You’re very welcome ; – )



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