Art and Your Good Health

5 Jul

Do creative outlets help your health? Take art for example. Do your doodles or sketches make you feel better or release some negative emotion?

Does something or someone inspire you to create your sketch?

In the above mountain sketch, I was inspired by the Impressionist painter Georges Pierre Seurat, who developed a technique called Pointillism. The idea behind this technique was that instead of mixing colors on the palette, colors would be mixed “in the eye. ” I was intrigued at the results he attained and tried my hand at it. It wasn’t the result I had hoped for but it gave me a better appreciation for the technique and the artists who used it. Eventually this technique was abandoned because it was too time-consuming and some of these artists were in poverty. They needed a faster, easier technique to sell their works to bring in income.

Do you complete your masterpieces at one sitting or do you stop at some point and then pick it up at some other time?

When do you do these doodles and sketches? When you’re on the phone? In a classroom? Watching TV? On the train? In a plane? Or boat? In a car (with someone else driving)?

What is your mood like? Are you sad? Glad? Mad? Introspective? Frustrated?

In my other sketch, The Forest, I found a small color painting that I liked and tried to do a pencil rendition. It wasn’t easy using just one pencil to attempt light and dark colors, shadows and white areas. However, I’ve always had a strong appreciation of black and white photographs and their gradations of color, especially after taking a black and white photography class in college.

In these two sketches, I was relaxed, sitting in a chair watching TV. I felt happy because I hadn’t picked up any artistic instrument (paintbrush, palette, sculpting tool, etc.) in years. Art was my first love and got me through some unhappy periods in my life. 

These days I don’t gravitate towards it. I have many other creative outlets – blogging for example, photography, cooking, gardening. But I miss art sometimes. I feel wistful about leaving it on the sidelines.  I was happy, however, visiting with my old friend after all this time.

There are many more creative outlets that are beneficial to your health. Read more about them here, for your good health.



2 Responses to “Art and Your Good Health”

  1. Marcella Rousseau July 22, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    Thank you too!


  2. Liana July 22, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    I couldn’t agree more…love your blog’s message. And thank you very very much for nominating mine for Very Inspired Blogger. From one inspired blogger to another, thank you so much.


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