My Introduction to Exercise

19 Jun

I can’t give credit to anyone in my family for my enthusiasm to exercise but I do remember watching Jack LaLanne exercising on TV as a kid. Years later, I found a book in a bookstore on exercise. It was called How to Keep Slender and Fit After Thirty by Bonnie Prudden. She was the exercise guru of her day. I was in my twenties when I bought her book. I think both LaLanne and Prudden influenced me.

I began playing tennis not long after I got married. I loved serving the ball and acing it over the net. It sometimes surprised my opponents much to my delight. I think my serves were better than my playing! That is, until I hurt my hand running towards the net and hitting a ball before it bounced. Big mistake. Long story short, I didn’t have to have surgery but I decided not to play tennis anymore.

That injury is what started me going to health clubs. I attended all the classes and learned how to do Pilates, kickboxing, step, aerobics, yoga, circuits, and any exercise class they offered. On alternate days, I used the strength training machines and sometimes jogged on the indoor track or used the treadmill. I was hooked.

One of the things that motivated me to work out was that I read that exercising could help depression. I was in an unhappy marriage and that gave me plenty of reason to be depressed. The exercising was more effective than anti-depressants and there were no side effects other than positive ones like firming up, having more energy, losing weight, and just feeling better.



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